Richard Murphy

for US Congress, 2014

 1st District

- No more millionaires.

- No more  career      politicians.

- It's time for change.

Richard Murphy was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from Brookline High School in 1996. Always taught the value of a dollar, he worked full time throughout his highschool years. Shortly after graduation, he began working in his grandfather's civil engineering firm in Cohasset, MA. At the age of 20, he joined the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 4E as a surveyor. He worked on projects such as the Boston Big Dig, the Mystic Power Plant in Everett and the Highpoint Apartments in Quincy MA. During this time he also attended classes at Massasoit Community College, Wentworth Institute of Technology and Northeastern University, pursuing his degree in Civil Engineering by taking odd classes and attending night school. 

He joined the Massachusetts Army National Guard in January 2001. In 2003 he was activated and deployed overseas for Operation Iraqi Freedom, serving with an active duty unit out of Fort Drum, NY. After returning home, construction jobs were scarce. He moved into contract construction oversight, primarily on landfills. This work was interrupted by another activation in 2006. Returning for a second time, he decided to move into Real Estate which provided more flexibility with his National Guard training and possibly future deployments. He worked in Real Estate for a year, then obtained his MA Broker's license and opened his own office. This happened as the Boston Real Estate market took a turn for the worse and the mortgage crisis began.

In 2009, he moved to Maine to join his family who lived in Springvale. Work still being scarce after months, he did what what he had to do and took the first position offered to him. That job turned out to be overseas, working in South Korea. After requesting permission from the National Guard, he left his family and friends, and went back to work. The idea of trying to collect public assistance was not an option, much worse than moving overseas. The mentality of "do what needs to be done" and "Suck it up and drive on" pushed him forward, never looking back. 

He returned to Maine after a year and saw the situation had not changed. The economy was still hard, and more people were struggling. He went back overseas for another year, this time in South Korea and then in Indonesia, working a short contract for the United Nations Development Programe who were still doing cleanup after the 2004 Asian Tsunami. Following the United Nations contract, he returned to Maine and worked a short contract. Work stopped again, and he was off again, this time to Malaysia. 

While overseas, he saw many different lifestyles, watched how different governments handled their problems, and monitored how things were back home constantly. He saw how the freedoms he took an oath to defend were being stripped away. He listened to the politicians talk yet do nothing. He also saw the Americans that were living abroad applying at US Embassies to give up their US citizenship. The idea that people would rather NEVER return to America instead of continuing to support it as it currently is hit hard. Things have to change. The millionaires and the career politicians were ruining his country. 

After 3 years, and experiences many will never have, Richard and his wife returned home to Maine. He returned back to the National Guard. He returned to resume the struggle that his family and friends were living. He returned determined that if no one else would step up to begin fixing things for Americans, then he would at least give them an option.

Richard Murphy wants to do nothing more than to volunteer to serve again, this time in a new capacity. Still defending America, still defending and upholding the US Constitution, but this time giving those around him and those like him a voice that they don't have. Volunteering to be a Public Servant, not a Politician. He is volunteering to represent common sense, reality and average Americans. The Politicians and the millionaires do not, and can not represent what they do not know, have never lived, and do not understand. Richard will represent the die-hard, non-compromising, survival of the fittest mentality that is missing from the gutless politicians who are afraid to make the hard decisions that are needed during these times to get America back on track.

He will adhere to the Army Values. He believes that all elected Public Servants must do the same in order to serve those who elected them. Elected officials who violate their stated positions, values and principles should resign. They have all violated their vows and broken the public trust. 

Our politicians of late have no principles. They change opinions based on who makes the most noise, or who makes the most donations. It is time to change.

Every man and woman needs a base of solid principles that they believe in, and operate according to. Their basic core principles are not ones that change according to what is popular, but ones that define the individual, and their character. A person with a firm set of principles can always be counted on by others to operate and make decisions according to those principles.


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