Richard Murphy

for US Congress, 2014

 1st District

- No more millionaires.

- No more  career      politicians.

- It's time for change.


o voters

I am NOT a politician. I am a regular American who understands the real concerns of the citizens of Maine. I know what needs to be done, and I have the guts to do it. 

I am not running because I want to, but because I have to. For my family, friends and neighbors. I will be a voice. I will be their representative.

It Is Time.

The career politicians have failed. The millionaires have failed. It is time.

about richard murphy

Murphy in the Media

My Mission

Links to live debates and interviews with Richard Murphy, along with links to various media reports of the campaign.

This is a time for change in the history of who governs the people of the United States, it was always meant to be the people, not the politicians, and not the Elite –I hope you’ll join me.

Every man and woman needs a base of solid principles that they believe in, and operate according to. They basic core principles are not ones that change according to what is popular, but ones that define the individual, and their character. 



I like the idea that nobody down there will get to tell me how to vote; nobody, that is, except the people of Maine.

Finally, the people of maine can have a representative

Rebuild Maine

It's time to rebuild and renew the abandoned properties throughout the state.

  • Tax reform, equal tax rates for all
  • Bring home all our troops abroad.
  • Uphold all Constitutional rights
  • No more compromise. 
  • Self-reliance, reduce dependancy on foreign oil.

key Points of Action

Let Businesses Grow

It's time to loosen the mountains of regulations that are smothering our small businesses, and killing new startups. Let our economy live, grow and thrive.

Maine Infrastructure

Bridges and roads all over Maine are crumbling around us, while Washington demands more.

  • Cut back on Foreign aid, invest in America!
  • Cut back on UN funding, invest in our nation!
  • Push for term limits in Government
  • Secure our borders, fund the legislation passed years ago.
  • Common sense Immigration policy, no Amnesty.

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