Richard Murphy

for US Congress, 2014

 1st District

- No more millionaires.

- No more  career      politicians.

- It's time for change.

My Oath to the Voters

these principles i vow to always uphold, and i will never go against them.

If I am elected to represent the residents of District 1 of Maine, I vow to always maintain true to my stated principles. My vote while representing will always adhere to these basic principles. If I were to deviate from these principles, I understand that those who elected me can no longer count on me to represent them. I vow to resign from the Us Congress if I ever betray my principles, and thereby the voters. My principles are based on the Constitution of the United States.

Principle 1
Faith and a belief in moral law is essential to maintain personal freedom, and the American way of life. 

Principle 2
Our Government’s primary and most important function is to protect natural rights such as life, liberty, and property. Government's role should be minimized as much as possible to ensure that it is the people that are pursuing their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Principle 3
The United States Constitution is binding. It is the supreme law of the land. No law is valid if it violates the rights in the US Constitution.

Principle 4
Our Government is the solution to invasion from without and from anarchy from within. Our Government is not responsible to provide security of any form of aid to other nations, especially if doing so is financially detrimental to the American people.

Principle 5
Government, corporations and individuals are to be held to the same standards in regards to the crimes they commit. 

Principle 6
Under no circumstances shall the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights be infringed. This includes infringement by the Government and agents of it. 

Principle 7
Our American Republic invites prosperity; the infusion of Communism invites slavery. 

Principle 8
There shall never be an unconstitutional usurpation of power and a denial of the right of private property.

Principle 9
All taxes should be uniform and at the same impartial rate. Individuals, businesses, and organizations should all be taxed at the same rate at all times. To do otherwise is discriminatory. Everyone must contribute their share, and support the burdens of the nation equally. 

Principle 10
States are sovereign and therefore cannot be ‘commanded’ by the Federal Government.

Principle 11
No state or local government can accept funds from the Federal Government and remain independent. Self reliance is independence. All States must struggle to remain as independent as possible.

Principle 12
Funds from the U.S. Treasury should not be gifted to other nations or their citizens. Foreign aid is a violation of the public trust. The health and welfare of American citizens must come paramount to the concerns of the Government at all times. 

Principle 13
The Constitution trumps all foreign treaties or agreements. No treaty or agreements can be entered into that would violate any aspect of the US Constitution.

Principle 14
Our national defense should remain strong and never be under the control of foreign entities. This includes the United Nations. Submitting US security concerns to the UN for approval should never occur. The United States does not need to ask any other nations approval or consent to defend itself or to act in it's defense. 

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