Richard Murphy

for US Congress, 2014

 1st District

- No more millionaires.

- No more  career      politicians.

- It's time for change.

Stance on the issues

Richard murphy will always hold to these stances. no more compromising.

I am a firm and steadfast defender of the US Constitution. I believe in the principles of our founding fathers, clearly laid out. Any position I take, I will have my reason for taking it backed by the US Constitution. If our Constitution does not give the Government the authority to make certain decisions, then it simply cannot. I will vote against it. There must be an amendment to the Constitution first. I believe our Government has veered far from the principles laid out for us, and we are experiencing the ramifications of it.

The blame for this cannot rest solely in our Government. They do not elect themselves, but are put there by the people. We have ourselves to blame for our loss of liberty and income. The only way to fix it is to replace the current people that are representing us. We must start new. Regular people must do it. People who care nothing about re-election, but who want to fix the many things our officials have done that go against our Constitution. It is time for a clean sweep. Too many rotten apples have spoiled the entire barrel, so to speak.

I am not a career politician. I am a regular, average citizen with regular, average citizen problems. I am volunteering to interrupt my life for a short time and go to Washington so that my family, friends and neighbors can finally have a voice. A voice of someone who understands how difficult life has been made by the powers that be.

I will also do something else for the people of Maine. I will vow something that no career politician ever will. I vow that if I ever vote in any way that violates any of my stated stances, principals, or the US Constitution, I will resign. There will be no need for a recall or other nonsense. I will do my best, I will stay true to my word to the voters, and I will do what needs to be done. I will never vote in any way that goes against these positions.

The Economy

The Economy nationwide is still in rough shape. Job growth in many industries is slow. Competition is fierce, and the companies relocating their operational bases overseas to cut costs have made problems worse. Business investment will create more jobs. Our Government must build a pro-business climate to help with more jobs, and a better future.

If elected I will push to eliminate unnecessary job-killing regulations, fight to lower heating oil, gasoline, electricity costs and push to end the (Un) Affordable Care Act. I will consistently vote to stop wasteful overspending, start paying off $17 trillion national debt, vote to reduce taxes at every opportunity and work to recruit new businesses to Maine. I stand for fiscal discipline and ending wasteful government overspending and growing debt that is smothering our economy and killing jobs.

For far too long, we have just been sending career politicians to Washington. Their primary focus is to score political points and fundraising for the next election while our problems become worse at home. The economy struggles on and our state suffers. We need a new approach and we need new representation that is actually representative.

I’ll work to encourage new business opportunities for Maine, seeking out those interested in investing in our state and creating new jobs. We’ve been sending career politicians to Washington to solve the jobs problem. It has not and will not work. It’s now time to send someone new. I’m ready.  America’s fiscal crisis was created by career politicians looking to get elected or re-elected. Instead of making the difficult and often unpopular decisions, they create more government programs in hopes of getting support from voters.

I will push for higher and support all existing tariffs on imported goods. There are fewer things that can stimulate the manufacturing industry in America more than making a level playing field for both domestic and imported goods. 

Housing is a huge expense nationwide. Maine can be on the forefront providing solutions that benefit both the state and its residents. I have ideas that will give the citizens of Maine a chance they never had before to move ahead and save, while providing housing. 

Maine businesses need less regulation in order to thrive.

There is no fathomable reason why Maine consistently ranks so low on businesses "Top Places to be" lists. Burdens must be reduced to make Maine a more attractive place to do business. Nationwide, it is time for the Government to stop meddling in private businesses and let the free market determine what businesses survive. The Federal Government should never bail out any industry or business.

Fiscal Responsibility

The career politicians in Washington, DC have a spending problem. The Federal government is a bloated organization that runs at an annual loss. If it were a private business it would have been bankrupt long ago. Today, we are $17 trillion in debt, and that total is steadily climbing. The wild spending must stop immediately. No budget can be passed that surpasses the revenue brought in for a start. From there further cuts need to be made to begin the decline in Federal spending. If elected I will fight to return to a limited and less costly Federal government. 

Career politicians on both sides do nothing but kick the can down the road and print more money. We recently raised taxes on the wealthy and on every worker in America with the payroll tax hike. Instead of doing what is needed, it was continued to be made worse. It is time now to do the necessary to enact meaningful spending reductions in a fair and equitable way, without hurting our military preparedness. Career politicians whose primary goal is re-election will never do this. It needs to be done by the average American people who are only looking out for the interests of their family, friends and neighbors.

The Environment

America has vast natural resources that need to be protected, while not stifling those that approach development in an environmentally friendly way. I also believe that developments in the energy field, such as fracking and the Keystone XL pipeline, should be subject to the same environmental safeguards that all companies are to protect the American people and land. 

I believe that there should be no Federal subsidies to any of these developments. The companies are not sharing profits, therefore taxpayers should not be sharing costs.

I feel that Maine does not need any more National Parks, as I believe that local control of land in Maine is the best way to conserve our land.


The Federal government needs to get out of the education business. Education standards should be left up to the states. Any Federal funds provided for educational purposes should not come with strings, requiring states to conform to Federal guidelines. 

Personally, I think states should be raising the standards for teachers. Wage increases based on performance and evaluations, not tenure. Hiring should be based on the best qualified, not quotas. Charter and technical schools should be highly encouraged and supported throughout the state as a way to develop technically advanced students. There should be no limits imposed on the number allowed, and the guidelines for opening new ones need to be made easier to encourage more of them. Homeschooling parents and students should be encouraged and supported. Parents homeschooling should be allowed full access to selected classes at schools if they choose. New methods to increase parent involvement in the classroom need to be pursued.

Social Security

Our nation’s "entitlement" programs are well on the way to complete failure. To save these programs, we need action now. For many of our mothers and fathers, Social Security is an important lifeline. Government borrowing of this money needs to be stopped immediately. I believe that those invested in the Social Security fund are entitled to a lump sum payment of all deposits upon retirement if they chose. This is their money. 

Social Security was not created to be a tax. It goes against everything the program was created for. It was also not designed to be a bottomless bucket for the Federal government to dip from. 

We cannot risk losing this essential program because of inaction. Our "leaders" in Washington must to commit to immediately reforming these programs for the welfare of our seniors. It is a shame to know that so many are barely scraping by, just because our government will not give them back what is theirs.

Federal Government Reform

I support the principle of the No Budget, No Pay Act, preventing members of Congress from being paid until a budget is passed. Furthermore, any passed budget must be completely balanced, and not surpass the projected revenues.

The United States is in deep trouble financially. All members of the Senate and the House of Representatives should be subject to an immediate pay freeze. No more increases until budgets are passed that reflect more revenues coming in than are being spent. 

No bills should be submitted that contain any funding or regulations for anything other than the purpose of the bill. All bills must be submitted with ample time for full review. All bills submitted must also be placed in full onto an online platform that is accessible to all citizens. The people have a right to easily see who is attempting to do what.

Both members of the House of Representatives and of Congress need to do what is required of them, what they were elected to do. They must understand that that will often make them unpopular among many special interest groups, but the nation must move forward.


I support ensuring that there is affordable care for low-income American citizens and legal immigrants. I am against government funding of any health care that is not of an urgent or potential life threatening nature. I am against any federal mandates requiring citizens to buy into any Federal or State programs against their will, or penalizing them for not doing so. I will do all I can to repeal the Un-Affordable Care Act.

I believe that he government is not in business to pay for healthcare costs for anyone that is the result of individuals’ poor choices. Unplanned pregnancies, drug dependency (rehab programs), and contraception are all personal choices and are therefore not the responsibility of taxpayers to fund. 

Immigration reform

I agree that America's immigration policies are in desperate need of reform. I do not support amnesty for the 11 million (or more) illegal immigrants living in America. The 1986 Immigration and Control Act has already proven that amnesty for 3 million illegal immigrants encourages further such violation of the law. Those here illegally should not be given unfair advantage above those who followed the legal path to citizenship.

My grandmother immigrated to the United States from Canada. Legal immigration is a great benefit to this country. We must welcome those who want to work hard and want to become law abiding Americans, and we should simplify the methods that this is done.

Immigration policies are just another part of the dysfunction in Washington. Congress won't do what needs to be done to solve this simple problem. Serious immigration reform needs to secure our borders. We have thousands of soldiers available that can accomplish this quickly. Illegal immigrants should be deported immediately. They can re-enter after going through the proper channels. Submit their criminal background checks, undergo a medical exam (for communicable diseases), pay the visa processing fee, and America welcomes you. 

We should seek to increase legal immigration. America wants the best and brightest from around the world. Illegal immigrants are not above our existing laws. They must abide to the same checks, and go through the same process as every other legal immigrant. You cannot begin a new life by breaking a countries’ laws when you enter illegally. America is a nation of law. All citizens and residents must abide by them equally.

Gun Control

As a 13-year veteran of the US Army National Guard, I am a steadfast supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and citizens’ rights to own firearms. I do not believe in banning weapons, as bans are rarely effective. They failed with alcohol, they have failed with drugs and they will fail with gun control. Our right to bear arms makes America unique and strong. Despite the actions of evil people, we must not take freedom from law-abiding citizens.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution clearly states “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The State of Maine Constitution states that right “shall never be questioned.” I will fight to uphold both without fail. Maine residents have a long history of safe and law-abiding gun ownership. We have one of the highest rates of firearms possession and one of the lowest rates of gun violence.

Foreign Policy

As a veteran, I know how essential it is for our freedom that America maintains a strong national defense. We need to preserve our ability to protect ourselves. America has allies worldwide, however security at home comes first. We cannot be providing funds to our allies while our borders are so insecure that our enemies can stroll across at any time. We are paying to send F-16's and other weapons overseas, but we can't even afford to fund building a fence. Our allies do not need funds or weapons from us, we can aid them in times of war. We do not have to aid them in times of peace.

I believe that our troops should be brought home immediately. We do not need bases spread out around the world. We are not the worldwide police, nor are our soldiers trained social workers. We should not be building nations or supporting regimes with funds or weapons. Our troops can be used to defend our borders against those entering illegally, and stopping drug traffickers from crossing. 

Family Values 

I was raised in a traditional family. I grew up with an appreciation for the role families play in society. I believe that government policies should support and strengthen American families. I believe in family values and in life. I am the only candidate in the 1st Congressional district who is pro-life, and I’m proud of it.

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